The Caves of the Haut-Languedoc

A major article in Descent (223) concerned the First International Meeting of Cave Photographers in Olargues, France. During the meeting, thirty-plus cave photographers spent a week shooting photos and video underground and around the base in Olargues. Some of the photos and films have been uploaded by the photographers to the web, either to personal websites or photo sharing sites. The links maintained here will leave the Wild Places website and open a new page; we are therefore not responsible for content. In many instances, much fine photography awaits your viewing at these sites, beyond anything shot in Olargues in August 2011. Please let us know of any additional links that are not included here. A list of photographers with sample images appears on the La Salle site

Kasia Biernacka and Marcin Gala, Poland

Dave Bunnell, USA

Philippe Crochet, France

Csaba Egri, Hungary, Spain

Peter Gedei, Slovenia

Ovidiu Guja, Romania

Chris Howes, UK

Bernd Kliebhan, Germany

Uwe Kr├╝ger, Germany

La Salle (group presentation)

Franz Lindenmayr, Germany

Michael Schopper, Germany

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