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Caving Translations

A basic knowledge of foreign words for ‘cave’ (or associated names such as ‘cavern’, ‘pot’ or ‘system’) may help you use Descent and its indexes as a reference tool. Some of these words may be used as a prefix (eg. Ireland: Poul/Poll) or suffix (eg. Austria: Höhle, as in Mammuthöhle). A short list of the commonest of these, which variously occur in Descent, appears here:

Language/country Foreign language English
Afrikaans -gat cave
Brazil abismo pot
  gruta cave
Bulgaria dupka cave
China dong cave
  yan cave
Czech Republic jeskyne cave
Ethiopia enkoftu cave
  holka cave
France abîme pot
  aven pot
  gouffre pot
  grotte cave
  reseau system
  trou hole
Germany höhle cave
  loch hole
  schacht shaft
Hungary barlang cave
  zsomboly pot
India krem cave
Indonesia gua cave
  luweng pot
  ngalau cave
  sirah resurgence
  surupan sink
Iran ghar cave
Ireland poll- hole
  poul- hole
Italy abisso pot
  buca hole
  buco hole
  complesso system
  grotta cave
Japan -do cave
Malaysia gua cave
  lubang cave
Morocco ifri cave
  kef cave
Nepal gupha cave
Netherlands grot cave
Pakistan ghara/gharra cave
Poland jaskinia cave
Portugal abismo pot
  gruta cave
Romania pestera cave
Russia пещера cave
  грот cave
  колодец pit
  шахта pit
  шкурник squeeze
  шкуродёр squeeze
Scotland allt stream
  uamh cave
Slovakia jaskyna cave
Slovenia brezno pot
  jama cave
  pécina cave
  spilja cave
Spain cueva cave
  gruta cave
  hoyo hole
  nita cave
  pozo pot
  pozu pot
  resumidero resurgence
  sima pot
  sistema system
  sótano cavern
  sumidero sink
  torca pot
Thailand tham cave
Turkey magarasi cave
Wales ogof cave
  pwll pot
  twll hole