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Descent (249)


Descent (249), April 2016

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Descent (249), April 2016

The Tufa in the Tail

Investigating a sough in Lathkill Dale in the Peak District has revealeda highly unusual cave at Bubble Springs.

The Loss of Penderyn Cave

Following mention of Penderyn Cave in Descent (248), a bit of research has revealed more information about the photographs taken by William Black.

The Croesor–Rhosydd Traverse

The Croesor–Rhosydd traverse through a mountain in North Wales is considered a classic trip, though not without its difficulties. Mark Burkey, in a photo essay, has documented some of the sights.

Cave Science

Biofilm in the Peak

The subject of biofilm research in the UK starts off our new series on cave science.

What a Rollercoaster!

Recent expeditions to Mulu in Malaysia have uncovered some spectacular, exciting and hitherto unsuspected possibilities for exploration – and now we have Conviction Cave to add to the list.

Mountains and Rivers Without End

While one team explored Mulu’s Hidden Valley, another was busy at the northern end of the mountain.

Testing Anchors in Slate

Anchors in limestone have been installed and tested for years, so we know a fair bit about how they behave. But what of anchors in slate? Will they take the same strain?

How to Lose a Cave

Caves discovered in quarries must rank among our most vulnerable sites – so exploring and documenting them becomes doubly important.

Cover: Tony White on the pitch into Naughty But Nice, Conviction Cave, Mulu. Photo: Rob Eavis

Back cover: Chloe Burney and Mark Burgess at the second pitch in Croesor Quarry. Photo: Mark Burkey

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