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We are occasionally asked if someone can send a non-standard payment to Descent for a wide variety of reasons. As an example, this most commonly arises when a fast delivery is required and this entails additional carriage costs over and above the second-class postal service that we normally use. When someone asks for an address change for posting their copy of Descent when they move overseas, we need to make up the difference between subscription costs for the remaining issues. Then there are cavers who simply wish to make a donation and our valued advertisers who need to pay an invoice ...

First, the drop-down box asks you to select a reason for sending the payment (make a donation, pay an invoice, add postage and so on). In each case, as you go through checkout please add a note with more specifics to tell us why you are sending the payment (if it is payment for an invoice, please include your invoice number).

This payment page is the easiest way we can arrange for sending us a payment in pounds – that is, round numbers of pounds (it cannot handle fractions of a pound, ie. pennies). If you are paying a non-standard sum that includes pence, you can do this more easily here.

The 'product' costs one pound so to send a payment, simply type in the number of pounds you wish to send.

As you go through checkout it will appear as though we will be sending you some pound coins or notes using Royal Mail, which is a nonsense ... but we hope that you get the idea by now. The software and its restrictions do not make this a perfect solution – we get that – but it's the best we have at present. Whatever your reason for using this page, thank you for your support.
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Reference: D047

Descent (47)

Descent (47), January 1981 OUT OF PRINT Check here to see if a second-hand issue is available Not all of our second-hand issues are online, so please ask if you do not find what you are looking for

Price £0.00
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Reference: D066

Descent (66)

Descent (66), October 1985 This issue was correctly numbered, but mis-dated as September

Price £6.95
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