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UBSS Proceedings
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UBSS Proceedings


University of Bristol Spelaeological Society Proceedings various issues

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Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society

We have various editions of UBSS Proceedings available, all in very good or near mint condition (if you require a specific description, please ask); many have a fold-out survey and all contain superb peer-reviewed papers. This is one of the highest quality journals published in the UK, with three issues making one volume. Some early copies are scarce and are priced accordingly (condition is also taken into account).

The following table indicates available issues, the year (copies are published for the preceding year, which is the one listed, not the date of publication), and the presence of any fold-out or loose surveys supplied with that issue. Other surveys (of which there are many) appear on normal printed pages. Finally, the price for that issue (including postage to the UK) is in the last column. Overall, this can be an excellent way to obtain an otherwise hard-to-locate survey and a realistic price.

If you require a different post destination than the UK please contact us for a specific quote covering the additional postage. It is only possible to order copies for UK delivery on this page.

To place an order, note the Volume and Issue number and price, eg. Vol 13 (1), and use the drop-down box to select the correct payment then place the order. During checkout (or in a separate e-mail) please state which issue(s) the payment is for.

In general, we have one only (sometimes two) copies of these issues available; if we have more than one, the best quality copy will be supplied to fill any order.

UBSS Proceedings available (UK post included)
Please select the correct price from the option box and add a note to your order which issue(s) you are paying for

Volume Issue for (year) Fold-out or loose survey and other notes Price
6 1 1946-8 August/Longwood £10
10 1 1962-3 £10
10 2 1963-4 £10
10 3 1964-5 Fergus River Cave £10
11 1 1965-6 £10
11 3 1967-8 Cave of the Wild Horses £5
13 1 1972 Fergus River Cave (2 copies available) £5
13 2 1973 Doolin Cave (loose pages) £10
13 3 1974 Manor Farm Swallet (2 copies available) £10
14 1 1975 Coolagh River Cave (2 copies available) £5
14 2 1976 (2 copies available) £10
14 3 1977 Upper Cullaun 2 (2 copies available) £10
15 1 1978 Coolagh River Cave (2 copies available) £5
15 2 1979 Hepste River Caves (2 copies available) £10
15 3 1980 Porth yr Ogof (2 copies available) £10
16 1 1981 Sun Hole (2 copies available) £5
16 2 1982 Bullock Pot £10
16 3 1983 Cave of the Wild Horses £10
17 2 1985 £7.50
17 3 1986 Pol an Tobar (2 copies available) £7.50
19 1 1991 Grebe Swallet (2 copies available) £7.50
19 2 1992 Organhohle £7.50
19 3 1993 Organhohle £7.50
20 2 1995 £7.50
20 3 1996 £7.50
21 1 1997 St Cuthbert's Swallet £7.50
21 2 1998 Manor Farm Swallet £7.50
21 3 1999 £7.50

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